About our Software House

Software house Adgroup.sh was founded in early 2011 in the seaside city of Gdynia, Poland. Since then, we're constantly developing our skills, and structures, by working on more and more complex project. Now, after 8 years of gathering extensive experience, we implement advanced IT projects for demanding clients around the globe.




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with our clients


In Adgroup.sh we believe, that transparency in the cooperation with the client contributes to quicker implementation of the project and better quality of the application. That's why we work closely with our clients.

  • Project software

    While working with the client, we use an easy to handle application, which enables to track the progress of the project.

  • Training

    After creating the application we will run a training for the people designated by our client, to be sure that the application will be used efficiently and efficiently.


Trust is a basis for successful cooperation and a guarantee of timely finishing of the projects.

  • Close cooperation

    At each stage of the project we closely cooperate with the client, discussing the progress on regular basis.

  • Confidentiality agreement

    We start each project with signing the confidentiality agreement, which secures the information entrusted to us by the client, as well as his rights.


On each stage of the project, and after closing it, we are concerned with full security of the client's data.

  • Legal safety

    Our application work in compliance with the latest legal provisions. We advise our clients in this scope.

  • Data safety

    The solutions we create are secured by trusted and most up-to-date methods of data encryption.


Get to know the basic of our philosophy of quality, which concerns both cooperation with the client, and creating the solution itself.

  • Cooperation

    During the project we closely cooperate with the client, discussing their expectations at every stage.

  • Trusted solutions

    We take advantage of universal programming languages, thanks to which our applications can be further developed in an easy way.

  • Timely solutions

    Thanks to project management methods we apply, we are able to keep up with the deadlines in even the most complex projects.

  • Innovativeness

    We keep updated with the innovation, adopting the most modern solutions on the market in our applications.