Concept and Strategy

First step to every successful project, is to understand the needs of the project, it's values and dangers that might threaten its efficient functioning. That's why, the very beginning is to create concept and strategy for both functional and business purposes.

How do we work?

By dividing our work for carefully planned stages, it is easier to understand and handle each element. That allow us to remain flexible and make necessary changes during the work of the project.


Users Defining.

We define particular needs of future application users.


Functions creating.

We create list of functions provided by the solution.


Business model building.

We build your income opportunities.

Business model

In the case of building commercial applications, we help our clients by creating business model scheme. We know what matters in business.

  • Monetization.- Together we will find solutions to monetize application we build.
  • Perspective.- You won't be left alone. We advise our clients abut the future development of created application and its functions.


One of the crucial elements of the strategy is coming up with a list of functions offered by the application. The success of the whole project depends on them! There are two types of functions:

  • The ones for users:We create a list of functions for the users, both in the basic and final version of the solution. Your application will meet all of their expectation!
  • Internal functions:We work out a way of managing the application by the administrator, it means the representative of our client. We deliver smart and satisfying solutions.

Stages of production

Within the strategy we work out the stages of creating the solution.

  • Business modelThe first step is coming out with the business model, taking into account the target group and ways of monetization.
  • FunctioningIn the next step we decide, which functions will the solution have both in its basic and final versions.
  • UX & UI DesignWithin the project we create a complete, clickable mockup of the application, that can be tested before the programming works begin.
  • Programming and testsThe last step is the programming of both the user interface, and the internal mechanism of the application, and then testing it.

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